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Authors are invited to submit an abstract according to format before 15th March 2017. The procedure as well as template for submission is available on the official conference website:

All submissions should be original and not been previously accepted for publication in a journal. Authors whose abstracts are selected will be invited to give oral presentations or a poster presentations in the conference. The authors will be notified of acceptance by 30th April 2017, and full papers are encouraged to be submitted by 30th August 2017.

  • Paper selection and publication (SCI Journal)

After the conference, full papers will be further reviewed and recommended for publication in IWA Publishing Journals:

Water Science and Technology 

Journal of Water and Health

  • Goals

The Conference will be an international meeting point for scientists, engineers, managers, and entrepreneurs, providing an opportunity to review and assess research and management practices on nutrient removal, aimed at improving natural dynamic processes and pollution control, in particular planning, operation, performance, and economics of wastewater treatment.

The conference program will include presentations on research and projects undertaken worldwide. These will eventually be reviewed, edited and published in the Conference Proceedings. Some of the most important Chinese and international nutrient removal and recovery experts will be invited to present papers on subjects within their areas of expertise.

InChina, several Universities, Research Institutes, Associations, Chambers of professionals, etc, offer Life sciences and Environmental engineering courses, very often with special sections focused on nutrient removal and recovery from wastewater.

We therefore expect to attract both students and experts from these university departments and research institutes, besides to attract public and private managers to our proposed conference.

  • Topics

  • Research Topics

  • Advanced technologies for nutrient removal and recovery

  • Conventional biological nutrient removal (BNR)processes

  • Chemical nutrient removal

  • Carbon augmentation, fermentation and redirection for biological nutrient removal

  • Emission of N2O and greenhouse gases

  • Intensification of treatment (granular sludge, attached growth, ballasting)

  • Microbial ecology and fundamental mechanisms

  • Nutrient management in biosolids streams

  • Nutrient recovery including source separation

  • Nutrient removal and recovery in engineered ecosystem

  • Short-Cut nitrogen removal

  • Strategies for achieving low effluent nutrient level


  • Planning, Design and Operation topics

  • Asset management and strategic planning

  • Benchmarking of LWWTPs

  • Case studies (design)

  • Chemical wastewater treatment

  • CFD modelling

  • Costs and energy efficiency (including energy neutral flowsheets)

  • Eutrophication and its control

  • Flood protection of WWTPs

  • Good modeling practice

  • Management of gaseous emission

  • Membrane technology

  • Monitoring and control

  • New design approaches

  • Nutrient management and pollution control of the eutrophic surface water in Asia and around the world

  • Operation of LWWTPs (including optimization)

  • Policy and planning for sustainable and economic nutrient management

  • Regulation and institutions

  • Sludge treatment and disposal

  • Tertiary treatment, removal of micropollutants

  • WW reuse and water resources recovery

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