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Case Prof. Bernhard Wett
Prof. Bernhard Wett
案例名称: Prof. Bernhard Wett

Prof. Bernhard Wett

日期: 2017-10-24
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Bernhard Wett was born in 1965 in Innsbruck. He graduated with a doctorate degree from Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck in 2000. During his studies, he specialized in water and environment. He was known as the inventor of DEMON® Process. It describes the large-scale implementation of an innovative process of nitrogen removal from wastewater. DEMON is a short form of de-ammonification, and significantly shortens the reaction pathway during nitrogen removal. The focus is on the development of a regulation procedure from laboratory and pilot plant tests to the large-scale realization of the process by means of suspended biomass in a Sequential Batch Reactor in a municipal sewage plant in Austria. Furthermore, DEMON was applied in York River Treatment Plant, and the energy balance of this plant indicated that the DEMON process can contribute significantly to the energy autarchy.

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