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Case Prof. Bernhard Wett
案例名称: Prof. Bernhard Wett
说明: Bernhard Wett was born in 1965 in Innsbruck. He graduated with a doctorate degree from Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck in 2000. During his studies, he specialized in water and environment. He was known as the inventor of DEMON® Process. It describes the large-scale implementation of an innovative process of nitrogen removal from wastewater. DEMON is a short form of de-ammonification, and significantly shortens the reaction pathway during nitrogen removal. The focus is on the development of a regulation procedure from laboratory and pilot plant tests to the large-scale realization of the process by means of suspended biomass in a Sequential Batch Reactor in a municipal sewage plant in Austria. Furthermore, DEMON was applied in York River Treatment Plant, and the energy balance...
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