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    Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited ("BEWG") is a large-scale group which provides a broad range of water services and environmental protection services in China. We have strategically positioned ourselves as a "leading integrated water system solution provider". Leveraged on its market-oriented approach, solid capital foundation, advanced technology and sound management, the Group focuses on its core businesses on environmental water protection business.

    With its first-tier expertise in project design, environmental protection facilities, and engineering consulting service, as well as the multiple advantages in core technology, technology research and development, strategic alliances, project management and financing channels, BEWG has successfully undertaken equity acquisitions, TOT, BOT, entrusted management etc., so as to expand its leading market share. Currently, BEWG has owned and operated over hundreds of water supply plants and sewage treatment plants in China, Malaysia, and Portugal, with daily design water treatment capacity over tens of million tons per day. This represents the Group has successfully accomplished its nationwide strategic layout and established a strong presence in the oversea market.

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    Technical Tour 1: Tang Jia Tuo Westewater treatment plant

    Tangjiatuo Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at the bank of the Yangtze River in Tangjiatuo Taipingchong Village, Jiangbei District, Chongqing City, covering an area of 23.31 hectares. The total investment is 1.128 billion yuan, and the service area is 62 square kilometers (forward area is 92 square kilometers) and service population is 82 million (forward population is 92 million). Its design processing capacity of sewage is 800,000 cubic meters per day.

    Technical Tour 2Chongqing Garden Expro Park

    Chongqing Garden Expro Park is located in Longjinghu Park in the Northern New District of Chongqing and covers an area of 3300 ha, with views of nearby mountains, lakes, gorges and Beipei city.

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